Compressor Rack System

  • Air /Water Cooled condenser
  • All controls fitted
  • Electrical control board with PLC Controller
  • Low Power Cosumption

Ripening Systems

  • Air tight Chambers with specially designed      doors
  • Intelligent gas control systems for high      quality out put fruits
  • Options for Web based monitoring and      controlling of Temperature, Humidity,      Ethylene and CO2

Multideck Cabinet

  • Saves freshness & keeps natural
  • Display Meat, Dairy product and daily      products
  • Reliable & Easy to use.
  • Stainless Steel body for longer life

Transport Refrigeration

  • Compact design for medium/small storage      trucks & vans.
  • Easy Service and Installation.
  • Quick pull down and reliable temperature      control.
  • The units are available with R404a and      R134A refrigerant.


  • Individual Quick Freeze
  • Energy Saving, Cost Effective
  • Maximize product yield
  • Full freezing combined in one unit
  • Specialized in fruits & vegetables

Doors & CA Doors

  • PUF Insulated door {60-150mm)
  • Cladding Sheet both sides S.S 304/PCGISheet
  • Hinged/ Sliding/ Hatch/ Automated vertical      Sliding Door
  • Robust door-post with flush threshold in      thick isophthalic resin
  • Gas-tight sealing with neoprene rubber      gaskets
  • Eccentric action locking system for gas-      tightness


  • Design Flexibility
  • 12m high single panel
  • 60mm to 150mm thick insulated PUF panels
  • High Water & Vapor Barrier
  • Easy erection & Low Maintenance
  • Excellent cam lock Panel joining

Docking Systems

  • Improved space utilization
  • Preventive maintenance is easy and fast;      securing functionality and avoiding      downtime
  • Designed to absorb all impact forces in      optimal way.

Packing & Grading Line

  • A complete Packing, Grading & Sorting line
  • Reduces time and save manual power
  • Reduces error
  • Digitally scans sizes for sorting

Ammonia Refrigeration Units

  • Ammonia based refrigeration system.
  • Direct expansion or brine based cooling      systems.
  • Suitable for IQF, large cold storage,                 blast freezing applications.

CA Solution

  • High Quality storage control systems that          control and generate the desired storage      atmosphere.
  • It includes N2 separators, CO2 scrubbers, O2       scrubbers,ethylene converts, O2 and CO2           analyzers and the related automation       system.

Freon Refrigeration Units


  • High CFM, High Air Throw.
  • Fan Dia 300mm to 800mm.
  • Works in range of 20°C to -40°C
  • External Rotor Fans

Condensing Unit

  • Suitable for High Ambient.
  • Quick Pull down, Low noise.
  • Hermetic,Semi Hermetic, Scroll, Screw     Compressor Unit.