We provide cold room products & solutions to various segments that require temperature & humidity control for preservation including.

cold room for hospitality
    • Store Pre Cooked or Semi Cooked Food, Fruits, Vegetables, Meat, Poultry, Dairy, Seeds & even Garbage.
    • Naturally they are designed to be safe & user friendly
    • Good performer and energy efficient

Walk-In cold rooms are widely used in hotel and restaurant kitchens to maintain freshness of produce and increase its shelf life, without affecting its quality. Chilled production facilities, cold rooms, freezer rooms, frozen food rooms as well as blast chillers and blast freezers all play their part in locking in the freshness regardless of whether you are working with fish or seafood, meat or poultry or fruit and vegetables and dairy

Since food safety and hygiene play an important role in today’s scenario in hotels, the significance of an effectual cold storage system can never be overstated in the F&B business. No hotel or restaurant would want to deal with the issues that come with food wastage or contamination, or worse, food poisoning. All of these have the possibility of potentially causing irreparable damage to a hotel’s business as well as reputation. This can be easily avoided, by investing in the right kind of cold storage systems, which underscores its importance in the food chain, literally!