Case Study

Objective : Setting up an integrated Cold Chain “Freon” based solution

Customer Business : To deliver customized solutions for cold storage and refrigerated transportation across India.

Customer Business Challenges: Our customer needed to quickly plan , build & operate integrated cold chain facility to provide specialized refrigerated storages warehousing transportation distribution and logistics services for fresh and frozen commodities with aims to be a pan–India player with planned footprints across key distribution hubs (cities).


Overall solution provided by Arctic Refrigeration

Project Setting up an Integrated cold chain project with infrastructure such as washing, grading, sorting, packing facility, cold storage, IOF, dry ware house, refer Vans & ripening chamber;

Arctic  managed the entire implementation solution for integrated cold chain project

  • Consulting, conceptualization & planning of integrated cold chain solution
  • Design, budgeting & preparation of detailed project report for complete Turn Key construction project including civil works, PEB structure, electrical systems, refrigeration systems , Pre Fab Panels, Panel Doors, Washing, Racking, Grading, Sorting, Packing , IQF, Truck Refrigeration Systems etc.
  • Supply , Installation & Commissioning of IQF Line , Grading, Sorting, Packing, Ripening units and other refrigeration systems
  • Supported in preparation of complete documentation & coordination for obtaining Grant In Aid (Subsidy) from concerned government department
  • Project Management Services
  • Operation & Maintenance Services

Business Benefits & Project Outcomes


  • Increased system efficiency by 10 ~ 15%
  • Reduced overall project Cost by 15~ 20%
  • The following deliverables were completed
    in     the budgeted cost & time while ensuring
    the     products/systems adhererd to high
    quality     standards.
  • Total 7000 MT capacity palletized cold
  • Semi hermetic screw compressor rack
  • 5 MT capacity blast freezer
  • 7 Docking stations.

Objective: CA Store, “Ammonia” based solution

Customer (Government Organization): Our customer provides the services to the fruit growers, which are required for marketing of fruits.

Customer Business Challenges Our customer needed to quickly upgrade its existing cold storage facility into Controlled Atmosphere (CA) store facility for apples by using Ammonia refrigerant based system with Brine as secondary refrigerant.


Start the operation of units in 2 Months time to make it running before the start of apple season


Overall solution provided by Arctic Refrigeration

Project Upgrading the existing cold storage facility based on ammonia refrigeration system into CA Storage facility;

Arctic  managed the design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning on turnkey basis which included;

  • Dismantling the existing EPS insulation of wall, ceiling & floor and refrigeration systems.
  • Construction of civil foundation, floors inside the chambers.
  • Ammonia Based Refrigeration Systems; compressors, condensers, VFDs, indoor
    units, piping insulation etc.
  • PUF Panels, CA Equipment’s, Doors & CA Doors and converting into CA chambers.
  • Electrical panels, power distribution, earthling, lighting etc.
  • Fire Alarm Systems
  • One Year Operations & Maintenance Services.

Business Benefits & Project Outcomes


  • The deliverables were completed in the
    budgeted cost & time while ensuring the products/system adhered to high quality standards
  • The entire project was completed in
    record time of 8 weeks
  • Total 680 MT capacity CA chambers (170MTx 4 Chambers)
  • CA Equipment’s; N2 Generator, CO2 absorber, 02 and CO2 analyzer. Filters, Compressors etc.
  • Ammonia based system with Brine as secondary refrigerant