Arctic panels

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Eco Friendly Cyclo-Pentane, PUR / PIR Panels of thickness: 30 mm to 200mm

Arctic has immense wealth of experience in Cold Chain Refrigeration solutions. We understand the importance of raw material selection of essential materials and components used for construction of panels. Arctic panels are designed as per International standards and undergo various quality checks to ensure the elimination of risk of Thermal Bridging with air-tight joints. The panels are made using Eco-Friendly blowing agents satisfying the needs of Kyoto Protocols. Arctic Wall / Roof panels are composite pre fabricated panels with PUR / PIR insulation core between two layers of metal facers. Metal facers are made of Pre-Painted GI Sheet or Aluminium sheet or SS Sheet depending on the type of application and requirement. The Panel density is maintained 40Kgs +/- 2 Kg/m3 . The tongue and groove arrangement ensure precise interlocking with high impact cam lock system which provides additional strength and protection. Besides Arctic Floor slab Panels our Floor Panels are also available with heavy duty antiskid Aluminium plates for walk-ins.

Arctic Fire-Retardant panels maintain their integrity with heat insulation properties for a certain period of time. These panels retard the fire by not letting the fire spread
as PIR is a thermosetting material. Arctic PIR panels do not spit out burning fire droplets thus reducing the risk of critical building loss.

Panel Applications

  • Refrigerated Cold Storages: Suitable for wall, ceiling, partition, roof (with waterproofing).
  • Warehouses
  • Distribution Centres
  • Processing Plants
  • Pharma Applications